The amount of information available on the web is staggering. Google indexes billions and billions of webpages, and has an index of roughly 100 million gigabytes. With virtually any type of information imaginable, it makes sense for homeowners to do regular internet searches for their home’s address and be aware of what type of information is available about their property and their neighborhood on the web.


Home Buyers Google Too

Prospective buyers and tenants are googling homes of interest to them- to find comparable properties, past sales, crime reports, neighborhood information, and much more. If your homeowners are thinking of selling or renting their property, make sure they are prepared for what prospects might see.

What They Might Find

The most common results will be other homes for sale or recently sold, a google map to the property, crime reports and foreclosure reports for the area. All of these items could influence a prospective buyer or tenant. Additionally, there may be personal information about the homeowner that could influence how a prospective buyer negotiates an offer. Savvy buyers and sellers are searching for any information that might give them a leg up on negotiations.

More unusual finds could include historic information about the neighborhood, unknown or unusual property history and more. In addition to just searching their specific address, homeowners should search their own name, their street name and the subdivision or neighborhood they live in.

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